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CVS Health’s Michael Voris: The first company to offer online medical information

The Chief of CVS Health Wants to Be Part of People’s ‘Everyday Life’

By Rachel Sargeant

What would a medical professional know about people who use their health information across the Internet? That’s what Chief Information Officer of CVS Health Michael Voris thinks.

When Voris joined CVS in June, he immediately saw that the company was offering another opportunity to help its customers. “It’s a great opportunity to be able to offer a customer service that the CVS customers need,” Voris says.

Voris was part of CVS Health’s CIO team when it was founded in 1972, and he started there in 1980 as associate chief information officer. He’s been a member of the CIO team ever since. In the past year, he has gone from a staffer to the CIO role.

The health-care giant offers its customers a range of information when it pushes out its mailers. Customers can buy insurance policies or renew prescriptions. CVS also allows people to order their prescriptions from the CVS Pharmacy Catalog or get online prescriptions from their physician’s office.

By allowing people to buy online medical information, as well as online prescriptions, CVS is one of the first companies to get the full picture of what its customers’ needs are.

“We are a very big company because of the relationships we have with our customers,” Voris says. “Our business depends on our relationship with our customers.”

CVS has also made information more accessible and easier to use.

For example, after a customer calls in to get a prescription filled at CVS, instead of making a customer service call, the company uses the phone system to call the customer and get the

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