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Shane McDaniel faces attempted murder charges in three states

Shane McDaniel faces attempted murder charges in three states

Man who blamed girlfriend’s killing on anti-Asian hate was behind murder-for-hire scheme, police say

The man suspected of being behind a scheme that targeted Asian men using the racist website jezebel for killing one of his girlfriends in a murder-for-hire plot, allegedly recruited men to kill the woman through a social media account that linked her to racial hatred, court documents and information revealed today.

Shane McDaniel, who police believe has also killed three other women in similar plots, now faces charges in three states of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder after he allegedly used the same violent method against the woman he called his “ghetto bitch of a girlfriend,” in the first part of a two-part murder-for-hire plot.

Court documents indicated that on July 23, police were investigating a suspicious death in the 5400 block of West 36th Street in Brooklyn and that shortly afterward, a friend of McDaniel’s told authorities that he and his girlfriend had been engaged in a sexual affair.

According to the document, which revealed details of McDaniel’s life in his hometown of West Columbia, in Marion County, South Carolina, an unidentified man approached McDaniel’s girlfriend and allegedly pressured her to have sex with him.

McDaniel was arrested by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and told detectives that he had killed his girlfriend and then had gone to the home of McDaniel’s family, where he had attempted to strangle his girlfriend to death with his belt.

A court document filed on July 24, in West Columbia, where McDaniel was arrested, revealed that on June 21 at approximately 2:45 p.m., after the woman contacted the sheriff’s office to report the murder of her partner, officers responded to the home, which was owned by McDaniel’s family.

According to the document, which provided police with McDaniel’s family’s address, a police officer received a call from an anonymous caller, who the document claimed had the woman’s phone number and told officers that he had seen her and her boyfriend engaging in sexual acts “on a street corner.”

The document also revealed that when asked about the woman’s cause of death, the officer told investigators “he has not been able to figure out her death.”

The document also stated that while the officer was responding to the scene, another officer ran into the woman’s car with an open glove compartment to

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