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California Congressional District 13 Race

California Congressional District 13 Race

Your guide to the California Congressional District 13 race: John Duarte vs. Adam Gray

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In 2014, the first Democratic Congresswoman to represent California’s 13th District was Barbara Lee. We’re looking to see who the next Democratic representative in this district will be.

California Congressional District 13 race

The race:

Adam Gray vs. John Duarte

Adam Gray is a young Democrat who has served in the United States Navy Reserve for two years.

At 29 years of age, Adam is a second-generation immigrant, and his father was born in the Dominican Republic. Adam’s mother, a native of California, was born in the small town of Vallejo, which is located across the San Francisco Bay.

He attended University of California, San Francisco. During these years he decided to join the Marines for more than two years.

On June 8, his father died of cancer. It was a personal tragedy that hit Adam deeply. He was overwhelmed by his father’s death. He learned that his father had died one month ago. Adam thought that he knew his father, but he never got to see his dad.

Adam was in his second year at the University of California, San Francisco, when his father died on June 8.

Later that summer, Adam found himself in South Korea. He had a job in a restaurant and an opportunity to visit his father.

Adam and two of his buddies decided to hitchhike for a few days. They ended up leaving their vehicle in South Korea and camping out in a park. A group of American and Korean teenagers who were there befriended him.

Adam was later discovered at the park and taken in for questioning.

He was brought to the United States, where he spent three months in jail for “entering” the country illegally.

After his release

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