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How to Get Men to Pitch In on Thanksgiving

How to Get Men to Pitch In on Thanksgiving

How Can I Get the Men to Pitch In at Our Thanksgiving Table?

How can we convince men to pitch in on our Thanksgiving table?

The holiday season is upon us and we are making a few changes in our holiday menu. The usual routine of putting out a wonderful dinner, inviting a few close friends and relatives, leaving the house with a bunch of bags for the car, and going off to the airport seems just not to be going the way we want.

Every year it feels like Thanksgiving is just not going to happen. There is no one to invite, no one who needs to come over and no one who will be home. The only ones who come to Thanksgiving are our family, and they are too busy to come over.

Are we alone in this?

If the answer is yes we need to look for a way to get the men to pitch in and help us. We have to figure out what motivates our men to pitch in on our Thanksgiving table.

Men’s Motivation to Pitch In

Our men have always pitched in when one of our friends needs help and/or an extra set of hands. In the early days of our marriage, my husband needed to help out when he went out of town or for any other reason. He was a great cook and would have the house clean if he had to clean a few dishes to help out. He would pitch in and clean the kitchen when we were away for a few days. He was always happy to take the extra time to help out when he could.

Then, one day, my husband came home from work and he had been in a tough physical fight with his brother. As a result my brother had a concussion and my husband was there to take his place at the table as the “man of the house.” My husband had to do the dishes, wash the cars, clean the house and take on the extra work that was involved in taking over the house while his brother was at work. There were many things that he had to do in order for his brother to get better.

Another example of how men have been pitching in when times get tough and the men have to take on extra load is when one of my best friends had to have major surgery on his shoulder and his hands were the only ones that could do the work after the surgery. He couldn’t do much and he had to do his work by himself. He took the time to cook the meals

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