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Netflix’s Wednesday is a family-friendly sitcom that will change the parenting style

Netflix's Wednesday is a family-friendly sitcom that will change the parenting style

Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ is the ‘Addams Family’ spinoff we deserve

Addams Family

Netflix’s new Wednesday is a family-friendly sitcom that will get the attention of everybody from women to the oldsters to children. Like the title character of the family, the show makes it look easy to like children and parents the way the Addams did, and it will also, according to those involved in the show, make the audience root for the kids in spite of themselves.

The show does more than just give the audience a chance to embrace a different type of family. That’s what its creators are hoping, because it will have the impact of changing the parenting style we see in the rest of society.

The New York Times said the “Addams” are not all bad, and that their show isn’t necessarily going to be the same kind of good as the one portrayed in the movie Family Values. You can see the difference now, and you will in the next few days.

“If you liked the Addams Family with all their sweetness and their good intentions, then this show is going to make you care about how they really are,” Chris Parnell, the show’s executive producer, told Vulture. “They are in a very complicated situation. And we really love that complication.”

The show takes place in the same Bay Area town where The Addams Family movie was filmed, and will look back on the years following its time in the movie. There will be flashbacks, and there will be a very different focus. It also shares many characters, including a teenage version of Morticia (Abigail Spencer), her husband and other parents.

“The people in it are wonderful. It’s family that we grew up with,” Spencer told the New York Times at the film’s premiere last December.

“We’ll have the same family, but they are our families now, and they are in a lot of ways very different than they were when we

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