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The City of Chicago’s Report on the Black Woman’s Attack

The City of Chicago's Report on the Black Woman's Attack

Column: ‘I’m a Black woman, not a pawn.’ The forgotten victim of L.A.’s racist tape scandal who says the video of her being attacked in front of her son — who was also black — is a warning to the city “that you are making my son the problem here in the city. And until you make him the problem, the children of this city are going to continue suffering, they’re going to continue to feel the pain of the pain — the pain of having a black man be the victim of attack.”

And there was an attack on a white man in the process of being pulled by the neck. The victim, who’s not named in the report, was “unable to recall how many times” he’d been attacked. We only know that it was many. So, yeah, it’s all about the pain. He had to watch his white ex-girlfriend, who’s not named in the report, “punch a black man, and he was punched in the face” and then “he was left outside of his car in the middle of the afternoon, where he had to walk back to where his friends were sitting outside. After walking back to his friends, he realized that his ex was still standing and she was beating on him with a brick.”

If you’re wondering how this is a warning to the city about racism, not a single word was said in the report about the video of her being attacked in front of her son. The report ends on this bizarre note: “The attack against Ms. Robinson would not have taken place without the video.” The question is, why? Was it the media’s role to get the word out that this black woman was being attacked in public? The role of the media in this is absolutely mind-boggling.

How many hours on the news did it take for the press to discover that the white man who was beaten in a parking lot was the victim of the attack that she was in the process of making? And then the press spent four hours on television, at 7 p.m., as he was

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