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The Occupy Wall Street Movement Is a Politics of Discontent

The Occupy Wall Street Movement Is a Politics of Discontent

Politicized Rantings on Two Blogs by a ‘daviddepape’ Draw Scrutiny

In a statement posted on his blog, “Banned News,” de Blasio rants that because the police are allegedly protecting Obama, the people in our neighborhoods are no longer safe. He said, “The police are protecting him all the time: it’s called ‘active shooter,’ ‘terrorist threat,’ or whatever. Well, it just keeps getting worse. The police, supposedly looking out for us in our neighborhoods, are protecting the president of the United States. When this president and his henchmen start using their offices to try to kill innocent people, when they start arresting and harassing our neighbors and our friends, what are we supposed to do?”

He went on to say, “The fact that the president can get away with that in our neighborhoods is something that we haven’t thought about yet, but we’ve got to get it figured out.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was called out in her own blog for using un-truthful statements, including making claims that the police were not “investigating” the protests by the Occupy movement.

“The city’s leadership seems intent on ignoring the facts,” Quinn wrote on her blog Thursday. But, “What I will say is that no police officer is in uniform at this time.”

Both de Blasio and Quinn are in an increasingly polarized town as New Yorkers have come increasingly to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. In some cases, their statements were more of the same old, same old. And, in other cases, there is more at stake than they might want to admit.

At issue was the question of whether protesters should be arrested, and in what situations, or whether they should continue to protest peacefully.

In the end, what makes the controversy and this new attention all the more interesting is the fact that de Blasio and other politicians, including Mayor Bloomberg

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