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The reality of Brazilian politics

The reality of Brazilian politics

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Fast Facts

In the last few days Lula’s government was accused of being responsible for a coup d’état, that is, stealing an election. It was also accused of giving a false account of events following the “Mulher Filha” massacre. This is not the first time in Brazilian history that one of the most popular presidents in the country has been accused of being a dictator. At the same time politicians have been found to be guilty of crimes against humanity and the International Court of Justice found that they committed it by denying the use of water in the Rio deJaneiro and causing death and destruction. To top it off, Lula has been accused of the worst crime against humanity in Brazilian history: the violation of human rights. His government has been found guilty of “the greatest act of violence and collective extermination ever committed by the Brazilian state.” What is happening in Brazil is a very sad reality. The country is in deep economic collapse. There are shortages of food, medicines and even gasoline. The health care system that used to be world-renowned is falling apart. Over 80 percent of the population depend on the social security system to get by. They must now choose between eating and paying the monthly salaries that are supposed to replace their monthly benefits. Even school children have to worry about getting enough food.

In one aspect Brazil has always been an open society. Politicians who were elected to hold responsible those who are responsible for the destruction of the Amazon and for denying the use of water in Rio deJaneiro are elected by those who have been hurt by the destruction of the Amazon. This is the reality of Brazilian politics. It is also a reality of Lula’s government which is responsible to those who have suffered from the destruction of the Amazon and from denying its use in the Rio deJaneiro. Lula has been able to take the criticism that came with the accusations that he was responsible for a coup d’état in the country. This was an attempt to attack the government in the name of democracy. It was an act of the bourgeoisie attempting to save itself from defeat. The government survived the accusation which was made by the opposition right-wing party and by the international community in the name of democracy. Lula survived the accusation by his government. This is because Lula is the personification of a “dictatorship

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